Nord Stage 3: Worship Patches Collection vol. 2

$ 65.00

´╗┐This collection is especially built for quiet moments, underscoring pastor or alter call, but can be used in all different worship situations. The collection contains 10 ready-to-play worship patches designed for today's modern worship sound, six custom-sampled worship pads and game-changing features like the built-in drone pads. 

Watch the demo video of the collection here. 

System requirements
Nord Stage 3 88, 76 or compact
OS 2.54 or higher

The collection contains all the piano sounds and pads the patches are built with and all the piano sounds are in the highest available resolution (XL or L). The bundle size is 425 mb. 

When buying my patches you will receive importing instructions and in case of any issues I will personally assist you. 

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