Nord Stage 4: Worship Strings Collection

$ 45.00

´╗┐This Nord Stage 4: Worship Strings Collection contains 8 ready-to-play strings patches. The collection offers a diverse range of expressive patches crafted using a blend of high-quality string samples from Nord Keyboards. These patches offer effortless dynamic control, with the mod wheel and control pedal conveniently mapped to control both filter and volume settings. Whether you prefer the mod wheel or control pedal, both offer seamless control over the same parameters, providing flexibility to suit your preference.

Watch the demo video of the collection here

List of patches
1. Felt and Strings
2. Grand and Strings
3. Upright and Strings
4. EP and Strings
5. Fast Strings Pad
6. Cinematic Strings
7. Fast Strings Env
8. Slow Strings Pad

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System requirements
Nord Stage 4 88, 76 or compact
OS v1.06 or higher

When buying the collection you will receive a bundle file, all the individual program and sample files and the synth presets. The bundle file contains all the piano sounds and strings samples the patches are built with. When importing the bundle to your Nord you will achieve all the sounds I have built the patches with and because of that achieve the exact same sounds as I have. Also, all the piano sounds included in the bundle are in the highest available resolution (XL or L).

If you prefer importing all the individual samples and program files you can do that. In that way you will not receive all the piano sounds I have built the patches with and you may have to relink your piano sounds to the patches. If you have questions about that I would love to help. 

The bundle file and the individual program and sample files are just two different ways of importing the patches to your Nord. You will not have to use both methods, I just want to offer you both options, however if you are not used to importing patches to your Nord I would recommend you to use the bundle file.  

Finally, you will also receive 8 ready-to-play synth presets. The Nord Stage 4 comes with Preset banks for the Organ, Piano and Synth sections which lets you load complete sounds, including their effect configurations, into an existing Program. The synth presets from this collection can be stored to the Preset banks, allowing for quick recall of the sounds when setting up a Program.

The bundle size is 705 MB. When buying my patches you will receive importing instructions and in case of any issues I will personally assist you.