Nord Piano 2: Worship Pads Collection

$ 45.00

´╗┐This collection contains 15 studio-quality custom-sampled worship pads designed for today's modern worship sounds. The samples are created with the iconic Juno 60 synth and the Prophet 6 and carefully designed to achieve the highest possible quality. 

All the pads are sampled with a high frequency cut (low-pass-filter) because the Nord Piano 2 does not offer you a synth frequency cut off function. With that said you can still adjust the sound slightly to the setting you're playing in with the treble setting in the effect equalizer section. 

System requirements: 
Nord Piano 2 HA88 or HP

What's included: 
When buying this collection you will receive a download link to the pads collection. Also, you will receive importing instructions and in case of any issues I will personally assist you. Notes this collection brings you a wide selection of pads, but you will have to build the patches yourself. With that said, in the instructions I have included a guide with some basic tips and tricks to get started. The size of the worship pads is 57,6 mb. Here is a list of the pads: 

1. Airy Pad
2. Brassy Pad
3. Calming Pad
4. Cloud Pad
5. Morning Pad
6. Sunday Pad
7. Soft Pad
8. The Shimmer Pad
9. Juno Pad 1
10. Juno Pad 2
11. Juno Pad 3
12. Juno Pad 4
13. Juno Pad 5
14. Organ Pad
15. Bright Bell

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